Your professional hype woman. 

    Mom of two beautiful girls, and wife to a hot bearded man. 

    By day, Brooke is a Master Esthetician/ instructor, and owner of Desert Bloom Wax & beauty. She specializes in body waxing from head to toe for ALL body types. 

    Music is just in her soul, always has been, she will sing you every lyric from almost any genre.

    You’ll find her in middle of any dance floor and in the front of row at a country music concert. 

    Brooke has been a dancer most her life, there are some RAD home videos of prepubescent clogging competitions. 

    When high school dance company ended, and mom life was in full swing, it was dance fitness that brought back her fire.

    The girl in the back row, baggy clothes, 320 pounds, and battling depression started healing and found herself.

    Now she uses her classes as a way to Inspire others to heal, to find confidence and unleash that inner badass. 


    Born and raised in SLC. She has been lucky enough to have been a part of this absolutely beautiful dance fitness community for only 3 short years. She danced with a local studio growing up and cheered in high school.

    She has been blessed with the gift of being a mom to a beautiful 12 year old girl, and the wife of an incredible Brand builder, Concept Creator and restraunteur. They own The Mchenry Group, which consists of a handful of boutique restaurants in UTAH.

    She found dance fitness at a time in her life where she truly didn’t feel like she belonged. Self love wasn’t anything she understood. Looking back on the girl who first walked into that group fitness room, shy and nervous, to the quietly confident person she is now is truly a testament of how this community changes lives. You have to feel it for
    yourself to believe it. Dance fitness is just special.

    Little did she know that making that one choice to show up for herself,
    and take a chance on a little cardio class, would change her life forever for the better.  It would lead her down a path to create a beautiful dance fitness brand with people she loves, FOR anyone and everyone.


    Creator. Maker. Mover.
    Chase grew up in a small, country town, on a farm where his family raised cattle. Can you believe it? Chase always craved the big city but loved playing in the streams, catching guppies, and running through the fields to meet friends at “the hut”
    Now, Chase is living in SLC where he has experienced that big city life he once craved. Thanks to his passion for creating, making and moving.
    The original plan was to become an interior designer or graphic artist, until a friend asked him to take a dance class in jr high. Well, that class was the catalyst for finding his love of dance. After taking time to find the right studio, Chase began his training at The Dance Establishment in Plain City Utah where he trained in hip hop for a few years and then joined the competitive team where the fire for dance really grew. After training at his studio, Chase joined Odyssey Dance Theater where he dance professionally for 9 years. While dancing with Odyssey, Chase had the pleasure to travel and experience the world. Meeting other people and cultures through dance, this was a gift. Dance is an automatic connection, regardless of age, culture, or skill level. After his time with Odyssey, Chase continued dancing and found a love for traveling and teaching. Meeting new studio owners, dancers, and parents. Chase has and continues to love seeing students grow and find the confidence in themselves as they navigate movement.

    Now, Chase is currently teaching and choreographing. Enjoying his new love for dance fitness. Living with his partner of 12 years, their two angel pups, Boo and Chico and two other puppers Chip and Oak. Still creating, making and moving at any chance.